The Art of Double and Triple Tonguing Books

(Originally posted 5/31/2016)

I am happy to announce that I am now offering my new books, "The Art of Double Tonguing" and "The Art of Triple Tonguing" from my website! The 58 and 52 - page books are a compilation of exercises that I wrote while preparing for professional auditions. In the books, I explain my approach to multiple tonguing and how to incorporate it as a healthy part of a balanced routine. I also have divided each book into five sections: Clarity, Speed, Flow Exercises, Flexibility, and Etudes. By dividing the multiple tongue into clearly-defined sections, and addressing each function individually, complete mastery of multiple tonguing becomes attainable. 

Since I wrote these exercises in preparation for auditions, they may stretch the comfort level of most everyone who plays them. However, by learning the exercises slowly and correctly, you may find that multiple tonguing passages in your daily performing become easier. I personally work on sections of each book on a weekly basis and have seen great progress in my articulation over the past two years. While these books are aimed at multiple tonguing, they are also great for single tonguing practice, and provide exercises for bridging the single/multiple tonguing gap.

I hope that you will download the books and that you enjoy working through them as I have! If you choose to purchase them, and find that they work for you, please help me spread the word! You will find the books under the "Books" tab of my website.

Update 7/12/2018: These books can now be found in the online shop

Philip Hembree